Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I install plugins or themes?

This is a requirement of the way this service is administered. If you require any theme or plugin, please fill out the request form or send me an email* with a link to the theme or plugin page on

What are the storage/bandwidth/downtime limits?

This service is operated on a good-faith basis with no strict limits. Similarly, it is operated on a reasonable endeavours basis, with no formal guarantee of availability.

There are backups, but this should not be considered infallible.

Why is my password not strong enough?

This WordPress network makes use of the Force Strong Passwords plugin to ensure that passwords are suitably complex. This is to reduce the likelihood of an automated attack gaining access to your blog/website.

In a similar vein, sites in this network are periodically scanned with WPScan, and failing sites will be suspended if they pose a threat to the network. Security is everybody’s responsibility.

I have some other problem, can you help?

Probably. Send me an email* and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Hint: My email address starts with “me”, followed by an “at” symbol, and then “”